Overwhelmed? Need organization? Just need to get stuff done?

Overwhelmed? Need organization? Just need to get stuff done?

A Virtual Assistant could be the answer for you!

Do you need help with database work, internet research, or transcription?

Do you have marketing ideas, but need to get them executed?

Do you need to put together a comprehensive marketing plan, or get assistance with project management?

Do you have files to be organized, spreadsheets to be created, or customers who need regular communication?

Do you need internet research on your customer base, your competitors, projects, or information?

As your Virtual Assistant, I can handle all that, and more.

November 3, 2011

Industry experience

Research, internet research, database management, documentation, marketing, communication and project management for Foodservice consulting, and training programs

Specializing in small, independent and boutique hotels


Publishing and Distribution

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